The journey is the reward


The TBM methodology is successfully applied within organizations from various sectors, from financial services to non-profit. The common denominator is that all these organizations see the strategic importance of IT, experience it and make optimal use of it.


Title: “The journey is the reward”

Subtitle: The digital transformation from shipbuilder to a maritime solution provider and the role of cost optimization.

Date: June 8 2021


The digital transformation from shipbuilder to a maritime solution provider included the following steps for Damen:

  • Our Cost optimization program: Cost insights, cost transparency are the important drivers to give substance to our four-layer cost optimization program. The Cost optimization program executed with support of It’s Value is the basis for a successful digital transformation (for any company).
  • One global ERP and one global PLM (product lifecycle management, ed.): One way of working, in our engineering, supply chain and production. We produce in series and have complex “one offs”. We must support both processes properly. Worldwide, we make the same products at different sites, we use the same suppliers, engineering capacity and data about parts. Then it is important to coordinate and streamline the processes, data definitions and applications as good as possible. We want to speak the same language. ”
  • Customer experience: Support the customer journey from lead to decommissioning. With chatbots, configuration apps, and e-commerce sites where we sell spare parts, we want to keep improving the customer experience. And from here, support new business models such as performance based lease contracts and VAAS (Vessel as a service).
  • Connected co-system: A fourth challenge lies in integrating the supply chain throughout our company. With so many parts and so many suppliers, you want all systems to be connected to each other.
  • Connected Vessel: In the field of IoT, we are working on the connected vessel platform that we developed together with TCS (see the box Platform economy in the maritime sector, ed.). The first customers are now showing an interest in this. We have now connected about a thousand sensors to the platform. You have to imagine that a ship has about ten thousand!

Aart Rupert
Chief Information Officer, Damen Shipyards Group
In 2019 he was nominated as “CIO of the year” in the Netherlands

Pieter-Paul Weijer
Manager IT Cost Optimization Program, Damen Shipyards Group

Peter van Loon
CEO It’s Value

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