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Choose the right TBM software tool

Software Solution  

In addition to a cost management method and an expert team, using the right TBM software tool is important for your TBM success. The tool should be able to automate your TBM processes to a large extent and support you on the improvement of your TBM data. There are software tools on the market that facilitate the implementation of the TBM model by aggregating and normalizing data from different sources and by automating cost analysis. Some are even specifically designed to analyze cloud billing, using machine learning to identify opportunities to reduce costs and control usage.

TBM insights

Understanding the IT spend is not as easy as only getting the relevant data from the company’s accounting system. In order to get insights from an IT-Finance perspective, your TBM tool needs to be able to easily combine financial, operational and procurement data. The TBM model and taxonomy will support your organization in getting more insights into IT costs and the value that technology delivers to the business.


SaaS solutions

For companies with an IT-spend of about 25+ million Euro, Apptio is our TBM partner with a suite of suitable SaaS solutions for Financial Management, Cloud & Hybrid optimization and cost management, rationalizing apps and services portfolios, governing vendors and suppliers, tracking and prioritizing investments (Agile), recovering costs, shaping demand and planning for value creation. For public sector clients there is specific software to align resources to reduce risk & maximize mission objectives.

Cost Management

For smaller companies with an IT-spent between 5 and 25 million Euro, we deliver our own Cost Management SaaS application based on Microsoft technology to create your desired IT-financial management functionality. The Cost Management solution has been developed for automating the consolidation of data from multiple systems and presenting the business intelligence facts in easy to understand dashboard visualisations that lead to actionable insights.

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