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Increase the effectiveness of your organization with IT

Companies are undergoing an unprecedented rapid transformation, driven by technological developments. Brands such as Tesla and Airbnb quickly come to our imagination, but are not isolated. The digital transformation affects every sector. This makes effective management of IT crucial. Put simply: To stay in business, you need maximum grip on the costs, quality and performance of your IT organization.

The question is: how do you realize that? Incomprehensible processes and insufficient alignment with the business often make IT a black box. With our expertise in the field of Technology Business Management (TBM), we can change this and position IT as a valuable strategic partner within your organization.

How you will take steps

We ensure effective control of your organization in a short time. We achieve this by improving the cohesion and collaboration between IT, business and finance.

Technology Business Management

This best practice gives you the tools for effective control of your business, IT and finances. Hundreds of companies are now successfully using this methodology.


With attention to your specific situation, we take care of the optimal organization of your organization, processes, systems and – where necessary – new forms of collaboration.

Continuity & Change

Permanent result is the only measure of success in our opinion. We guarantee continuity by training and guiding your employees on three fronts: knowledge, skills and behavior.


TBM products

Reporting and insights

Savings - cost reduction

Our customers

Our IT costs were insufficiently predictable. It’s Value has increased the insight, grip and control on these costs. Within one year we saved 10% on our operational IT costs.

Large insurance companyFinancial Services

Delivering management reports was a time-consuming process. It’s Value has implemented TBM with supporting software for the cost management and budget process. Reports are now generated automatically, allowing us to see our performance faster and better. We have also been able to improve our internal processes.

Media companyPublic Sector

Our method

We increase the added value of IT within your organization by going together through four phases. Always focused on your specific challenges.


Everything starts with clarity. Within four weeks we will identify the most important challenges for the effective management of IT within your organization.


In good consultation, we come to a pragmatic approach to demonstrably improve the relationship between IT and business in six to twelve months.


In this phase everything is all about doing. From drafting a service catalog, integrating different data sources to delivering desired reports.


Our ultimate goal is never to deliver only a process or system. We enable you and your employees to continue successfully in the new way of working. Now and in the future.