IT-Finance Value Assessment

Get clear recommendations how to improve your IT-Finance processes and outcomes, including the business case and roadmap how to deliver the improvements.

Get started with an IT-Finance Value Assessment

The It’s Value IT-Finance Value Assessment identifies possible improvements within the IT-Finance processes. Example financial processes are budgeting, cost price calculation and charging, but also Cloud cost management and benchmarking.

Our focus is on all processes aiming at delivering the highest IT value to your business against the lowest costs.

The Assessment model is based on seven dimensions, each dimension will be analyzed based on the output of interviews performed and documentation delivered.

Every company has different needs and therefore requires a different approach. During an intake interview we can decide what approach fits your needs best.

Assessment Outcomes


The outcome of the assessment will show how your organization can get a better grip on your IT spend and the potential benefits of improving (one or more of) the seven dimensions:

  • Know what improvements can be made on the seven dimensions.
  • A concrete planning of the implementation steps to deliver the improvements.
  • Insight into your IT expenditure and the reduction potential.

How does it work?

An assessment has a turnaround time of two to four weeks. The first weeks are devoted to interviews and documentation, and system and data analyses. In the last week the final assessment report is prepared and presented to your leadership team.


Interviews with stakeholders

We usually perform about six to ten interviews with stakeholders involved in the IT-Finance processes in scope. The current situation is being discussed viewed from the seven dimensions, what subjects can be improved, and what is the desired future situation?

Document analysis

The received documentation is used to get a thorough insight in the present status of the IT-Finance maturity. Combined with the desired improvements, a present and future state is determined.

System and Data analysis

We analyze your data for completeness, accurateness and quality based on the necessary IT-Finance entities.

We will investigate your internal systems in use to get to understand your internal IT-Finance processes.


Final report

The final report shows the present and future situation on all dimensions. It shows the recommendations to get to the future situation based on improvements of the seven dimensions, it shows the potential savings and will deliver the roadmap to realize the improvements and savings.

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IT-Finance Value Assessment

An IT-Finance Value Assessment gives you visibility about the cohesion of IT and finance from a business point of view.  It makes clear how to realize the short term Quick Wins for the organization, while building long-term value for the business. One of the outcomes is a tailormade roadmap for your organization with clearly defined steps regarding:

  • Which process improvements result in less time spent.
  • How more transparency can be realized in IT finances.
  • How your data quality can be improved so that reporting & dashboards become more reliable.
  • Which financial savings can be realized.
  • How better insights and control options can be provided.

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