Technology Business Management

The Technology Business Management expertise of It’s Value provides IT organizations with the solutions – strategies, methodologies, and tools – to manage the cost, quality, and value of their IT services to the business

Technology Business Management Introduction

  • Technology Business Management (TBM) is a value management framework that helps businesses integrate IT into their operating processes.
  • TBM is the discipline for managing IT as a business.
  • TBM is designed and maintained by companies who are member of the worldwide TBM Council.
  • TBM consists of a Framework, a Model, a Taxonomy and Metrics to support data-driven decisions.
  • TBM is build and maintained by over 5.000 companies, it is viewed as the worldwide best practice for managing IT spend and performance.
  • TBM is created to integrate the IT delivery in business processes and is one of the leading Frameworks in the present digitalization era.

Technology Business Management Council

The TBM Council is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to advancing the discipline of technology business management (TBM).

TBM is a value management framework used by chief information officers (CIOs), chief technology officers (CTOs), chief financial officers (CFOs) and their teams for data-driven decision making about IT initiatives. TBM defines the tools, processes, data, and people needed to manage the business of technology and has been adopted by enterprises across nearly every industry. These organizations are using the TBM framework to manage, plan, and optimize costs, value, and quality of all technology investments.



Building blocks of TBM

TBM Framework

The TBM Framework shows the four types of Value conversations between IT and Finance from a Run and Change perspective:

·         Cost for Performance
·         Business-Aligned Portfolio
·         Investment in Innovation
·         Enterprise Agility

The value conversations support the ongoing IT operations and grow or transformation of the business.



TBM Model

The TBM Model gives a standardized cost flow model to support several IT-Finance processes:

  • Calculate unit costs
  • Cost price calculation
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Service rate definition
  • Show-back or Chargeback

The model supports the allocation of Infrastructure, Cloud, Application, Service and Project costs to fuel the above processes.



TBM Taxonomy

The TBM Taxonomy delivers a standardized view on your IT spend from different views:

  • Financial View: how much are you spending on IT and on what cost categories, known as Cost Pools in the Taxonomy
  • IT View: which IT assets are present, what are their (unit) costs and how are they combined into your IT services? The IT Tower standardization gives a continuous benchmark opportunity
  • Business View: what and how many services are consumed? How to optimize the supply to the demand?



It’s Value ensures your business profits from the benefits of TBM

Implementing TBM takes specific skills as it is in the middle between Business, IT and Finance. We offer our team of experienced specialists and trainers who will take ownership of your TBM processes and tools to continuously identify value. We take action by applying our TBM discipline, process knowledge, passion for data, automation excellence and expertise to uncover process improvements and savings. We will identify what matters for your organization and guide you in building business cases that support reinvesting savings in outcomes that fit your ROI policy and connect to your business strategy.

Actions to Outcomes

Components of TBM

Your IT management and spend focus on the architecture of four area’s:

  • Private Cloud or on-premise infrastructure and applications
  • Public Cloud IaaS, PaaS or SaaS
  • Labor staff
  • Software Licenses

The combination of these four area’s determine your IT agility, Risk, Security, Spend and most of all the value IT delivers to your business processes.

Achieve More with It’s Value TBM expertise 

It’s Value provides Technology Business Management (TBM) expertise, solutions and managed services. Combining market intelligence with decision analytics, It’s Value leverages its TBM expertise to unlock more cost transparency and visibility, so you can optimize how you run your business and distribute more funds to help it grow and transform and accelerate IT value across the enterprise. The end result will be more savings, better outcomes and more influence.

Our IT-Finance Value Assessment can uncover your cost savings and value creation potential within 4 weeks. Do you want to know your IT-Finance potential? Request more information about our IT-Finance Value Assessment:

IT-Finance Value Assessment

An IT-Finance Value Assessment gives you visibility about the cohesion of IT and finance from a business point of view.  It makes clear how to realize the short term Quick Wins for the organization, while building long-term value for the business. One of the outcomes is a tailormade roadmap for your organization with clearly defined steps regarding:

  • Which process improvements result in less time spent.
  • How more transparency can be realized in IT finances.
  • How your data quality can be improved so that reporting & dashboards become more reliable.
  • Which financial savings can be realized.
  • How better insights and control options can be provided.

Book your IT-Finance Value Assessment introductory meeting with one of our experts.