Projectportfolio Tooling

Quickly unlock the full potential of Project Portfolio Management

Projectportfolio Tooling

The ideal portfolio management tool provides a single, visually appealing representation of the reality of all investments, products, projects and operations, aligned with the organization’s strategy and priorities:

Targeting, estimating and realizing the project portfolio

  • Evaluate and prioritize the portfolio of projects, products, new solutions and features based on your organization’s vision and goals.
  • Track the progress of initiatives, automatically forecast based on work completed, and allocate budgets for planned activities.
  • Create roadmaps for portfolios, solutions, PIs and teams to visualize progress and keep work aligned with organizational goals and changing requirements.
  • Ensure clear visibility and identify work items that represent critical dependencies for key milestones to avoid potential delays.
  • Manage capacity to maximize productivity.

    Take advantage of a full range of portfolio management solutions

    • Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) – Increase agility, deliver products or solutions faster and prioritize what has the greatest added value.
    • Hybrid Project Management Office (PMO) & Aggregation of Waterfall and Agile Programs to Objectives and Key Outcomes (OKRs) – grow your Agile transformation at the pace of your own organization.
    • Portfolio management – ​​Implement the company vision, visualize the project portfolio and easily communicate vision and strategy to teams.
    • Annual and incremental planning – Plan and align budgets and resources and work with initiatives.
    • Portfolio Budgeting – Plan, group, prioritize and track investments based on strategic value, impact, return on investment or market direction.

    In consultation with the customer, we choose the portfolio management tool that best suits the objectives of the customer organization.

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