It’s Value enables IT, Finance and FinOps teams to work together to optimize cloud resources for flexibility, cost and performance.

TBM – Cloud and FinOps 

As companies grow their cloud presence to drive innovation and growth, they inevitably run into cost challenges and must explore optimization opportunities.

Saving on Cloud costs

Challenges with managing cloud costs.
Cloud offerings overwhelm the enterprise with unlimited choices, both private and public. Silo purchasing hides overlapping possibilities and promotes poor optimization.
Because of this, an average of 35% of cloud spending is wasted. And this waste continues every day! This is caused because the Public Cloud charges per time used (be it hour, minute, or second), regardless of whether a business is using the full available capacity or not. 35% of the cloud capacity that remains unused is not a one-off loss; it is a continuous loss.

As businesses in every sector race to take advantage of the potential and power of cloud computing, many CFOs and CIOs are beginning to see a significant problem emerge: Unchecked cloud usage that leads to highly unpredictable costs. These costs are on a sharp upward trend that can quickly exceed IT budgets. It’s estimated that the typical business is wasting as much as 45 percent of its cloud spend on unused instances, sub-optimal pricing and ineffective planning.

The very feature that makes cloud computing most attractive—its instant, on-demand scalability—can also become its greatest flaw when not managed properly.

What can It’s Value do for you?

With our Cloud expertise we can help you implement intelligent policy and controls to manage your cloud usage and decrease your spend waste. With near real-time transparency into Cloud utilization and costs, we can both optimize existing Cloud usage and support your strategic Cloud plan for the future.

In cooperation with our software partners we can support you to:

– Fully allocate all costs, including containers and support charges, to ensure a full chargeback of cloud costs to the business,

– Optimize cloud cost management (choose between AWS, Azure and GCP) to fund innovation, by rightsizing capabilities across major cloud services and reducing operating expenses,

– Support your on-premise vs Cloud decision by offering full visibility into cloud vs on-premise costs, to be able to optimize your spend, scalability and performance.

How to get started?

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