It’s Value offers a range of services to implement best practices in the field of IT-Financial management within your organization and set the stage for results and successes

It’s Value helps you to realise the benefits of ITFM or TBM 

Implementing IT-Financial Management (ITFM) or Technology Business Management (TBM) well takes specific skills. It’s Value has built these skills over the past 10 years. Our team of experienced specialists and trainers take ownership of your TBM processes and tools to continuously identify and realise value. We take action by applying our TBM discipline, passion for process, automation excellence and expertise to uncover savings. We help you identify what matters more to your organization and build a business case that supports reinvesting savings in outcomes that connect to your ROI and business strategy. We are ready to support you on the path to TBM value realization and offer you the following services:

Strategic Advisory
Thorough analysis of your current IT landscape. Conducted by business consultants with 15+ years of experience in IT and finance. Delivery of multiple scenarios for more effective IT management.
Interim Management
Temporary reinforcement of your team or department. Strengthens the position of IT as a strategic business partner. Managers with 15+ years of experience in IT and finance.
TBM Implementation
Implementation of TBM processes and systems. Guidance implementation process from analysis to transfer. Close cooperation between It’s Value and your employees.
Doing TBM well takes specific skills. That’s where It’s Value’s TBM Office-as-a-Service (TBMOaaS) comes in.  All this for a fixed fee per month.

TBM Training

We offer TBM training courses for IT leaders and finance managers. Please contact us for our course offerings.

Tailored support

We can help you in various ways to increase the impact of IT within your organization, based on our TBM expertise.

Next Steps?

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IT-Finance Value Assessment

An IT-Finance Value Assessment gives you visibility about the cohesion of IT and finance from a business point of view.  It makes clear how to realize the short term Quick Wins for the organization, while building long-term value for the business. One of the outcomes is a tailormade roadmap for your organization with clearly defined steps regarding:

  • Which process improvements result in less time spent.
  • How more transparency can be realized in IT finances.
  • How your data quality can be improved so that reporting & dashboards become more reliable.
  • Which financial savings can be realized.
  • How better insights and control options can be provided.

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