It’s Value helps you to speed the shift from IT as a cost centre to strategic partner by shifting the conversation to business outcomes

Our way of working

Our approach is entirely dedicated to the results you want to achieve. Together we determine the fastest route to success, take care of the implementation and train your employees, to make sure continuity is assured.

Our Method

With our expertise in TBM (Technology Business Management) we help you create business success by improving grip on the costs, quality and performance of your IT organization, and better alignment between IT, finance and the business and consequentially the creation of value for the organization.

With various scans we map the current contribution of IT the success of your organization. We give answers to, among other things, the following questions:

  • Which costs are paid for, for which purpose and by whom?
  • Which options do you have for reducing costs and increasing revenues?
  • How do internal processes, systems and data currently support your demand for cost reduction and innovation?
  • Which areas are ideally suited to significantly improve IT performance in a short time?

The determination of the strategy is done together. We will create a concrete plan of action within a few weeks. We draw up this plan with the employees and departments involved, in order to increase commitment and confidence in the chosen solution. The strategic plan provides answers to questions such as:

  • Which projects and scenarios effectively contribute to improving the performance of IT?
  • Within which timeframe we achieve the desired results?
  • Which impact do these projects have on your processes, people and systems?
  • How do we ensure that your employees successfully familiarize themselves with these changes?
  • Which obstacles can we expect and already anticipate?
We usually carry out implementations based on a result obligation and fixed price. This way you will never be faced with unexpected surprises. That is why we attach great importance to a clear process, clear agreements and measurable interim results. We focus on:

  • Predetermined objectives, activities and planning;
  • Clear division of tasks and responsibilities between It’s Value and your organization;
  • Step-by-step implementation of new processes, systems and working methods;
  • Frequent feedback of interim results and points for attention.
Changes need time to land in an organization. Another way of working, reporting or managing has an impact on your processes, systems and employees. And that requires the right attention and guidance, especially after delivery of a successful project. That is why we pay attention during the whole process to: 

  • Improving mutual cooperation within teams and across departments;
  • Coaching employees on behavior and team effectiveness;
  • Training employees in the use of new processes and systems;
  • Transferring knowledge and skills to continue independently.

Save up to 30% on operating costs in twelve months.

Our expertise

Successful implementations are the result of a right mix of attention for process, technology and people. Our integrated approach helps you to achieve lasting performance improvements.


Technology Business Management

We work according to the framework and philosophy of Technology Business Management (TBM). In the first place, TBM helps you to model and report management information faster and more reliably. Secondly, it offers you the opportunity to connect the digital world of IT with your business. This allows you to use technology as a lever for better business performance.

TBM structures your IT cost management, improves the connection between your internal software systems and automates your reporting cycle, so you can focus on effectively managing your organization.



Achievements become visible only when they are measured, shared and understood. That is why we establish the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are necessary for the effective management of your organization. We then ensure that the chosen KPIs are reported frequently and for the most part automatically, so that you can always see where you stand. Is the trend going in the right direction due to the actions taken? Does it still have to be adjusted?

Your time is not wasted into collecting data and making reports. Your time is used well in the actions you can take on the basis of clear information.


Continuity & Change

Processes and systems are there for support, but your employees make the difference. Effective cooperative behavior has repeatedly proven to be decisive for the success of projects and guaranteeing the continuity of implemented improvements.

With our experience in the field of change management, we ensure optimum cohesion between processes, systems and employees. In this way we help teams to implement changes quickly and to achieve the desired results. We do this according to a specific approach that leads to lasting improvements in team effectiveness and mutual cooperation.

Easy steps to get started

IT-Finance Quick Wins Questionnaire

After filling in these easy 10 questions we can let you know your Quick Wins for reducing IT spend and creating transparency, improving IT-financial processes and getting more grip, reducing time & effort, creating insightful reports, and increasing value for the business. We will consult with you one hour for free on how to realize these outcomes.

TMB Assessement – Insight into the financial performance of IT

A TBM assessment gives you visibility about the cohesion of IT and finance from a business point of view.  It makes clear how to realize the short term Quick Wins for the organization, while building long-term value for the business. One of the outcomes is a tailormade roadmap for your organization with clearly defined steps regarding:

  • Which process improvements result in less time spent.
  • How more transparency can be realized in IT finances.
  • How your data quality can be improved so that reporting & dashboards become more reliable.
  • Which financial savings can be realized.
  • How better insights and control options can be provided.

Book your TBM Assessment introductory meeting with one of our experts.