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Use this pdf to learn about 10 Essential KPIs for the IT Strategic Planning Process

When IT budgeting is viewed as a process to enable the strategic plan— and not an annual goal—it delivers a competitive advantage.  Essential KPIs in IT strategic planning help companies make informed budgeting decisions based on shared context and a system that empowers technology experts to set their own spending plans, but these plans need KPIs that show financial fundamentals, delivery, innovation, and agility to support the business strategy as proof points that IT is delivering business value.

An efficient budgeting and forecasting process delivers the financial predictability your strategic plans rely on, but a streamlined budgeting process that adapts to changing business priorities fuels innovation.

Read this guide to learn about:

  • The 10 essential KPIs for the strategic plan
  • The four main standardized metrics groups
  • The benefits of using KPIs for IT strategic planning and how they can help you:
  • Stop run costs from eating into your innovation agenda
  • Blend Agile methodology with metrics to measure success
  • Prevent analysis paralysis from changed business priorities
  • Eliminate the disconnect between IT strategy and execution
  • Shrink cloud variance to avoid surprises
  • Minimize budgeting cycle disruption

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