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TBM consultants with a no-nonsense mentalitey. Experts in the area of IT, finance and business.

About It’s Value

Do not expect days of strategy sessions from us. Standing on the sidelines with well-intentioned advice is nothing for us. We prefer to jump into the deep with you. With a wealth of experience in our pocket to powerful fulfill the role of IT within your organization. What characterizes It’s Value?

Passion for business and technology

We believe in the chemistry between business, finance and technology. As a formula for sustainable growth.

Down-to-earth data analysts

Data has no secrets for us and helps to determine the course for your organization based on facts.

Own TBM expert community

It’s Value has a network of TBM experts with years of experience in IT and finance.

Fast result with a flexible approach

Everything is about the desired result. The process is not leading in this, but it is directive.

Independent TBM implementation partner

With TBM as best-practice, we deliver a measurable contribution to the growth of your IT business.

Full service TBM partner within Western-Europe

We offer you a complete solution. From advice to implementation, with the delivery of TBM as a Service as an option.

Our Team

It’s Value guides companies since 2009 with the succesfull connection of IT, business and finance. In the Benelux, England and Germany.

Arno Schaap

Business Consultant

Eveliene Janson

TBM Consultant

Jacques Seegers

Business Consultant

Edo Noppert

Marketing & Sales

Michiel Janson

TBM Consultant

Peter van Loon

Managing Director

Working at

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Geert Oosting

Business Consultant

Edith van Sommeren

Business Consultant

Robert Brilmayer

TBM Consultant

Dan Wilson

Managing Director UK

Jim Broughton

TBM Senior Consultant

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Our partners

It’s Value works together with carefully selected business partners.

Apptio is the business management software for companies with a strategic dependence on IT. Apptio helps both IT and Finance managers to measure, manage and optimize technological costs and investments.


Rainmen helps organizations to realize cultural change within organizations.
On the basis of experience, pleasant idiosyncrasy and the measurable proven “accountability approach”, Rainmen helps to pull loose what is stuck. Rainmen breaks patterns that prevent you or your team from achieving successes and reveals what it really is about. All energy is focused on ambition, result and direct application of new behavior in leadership and change.



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